Jesus Crust, Super​-​Squat EP

by Seethruskin

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this album took forever to make and i'm sorry that i'm uploading it around 3 months past its due date but i still think these are pretty good folk punk songs and i'm proud of them so i hope you guys like it. also there's a misfits cover in there so that's cool. thanks guys!


released September 2, 2015

thank you to Tayler for listening to the really rough versions of these i would take on my phone or listening to me sing them in my room. thanks to Paul for all the hype of course.. that dudes cool as shit. and also Adam who does all the artwork and is so fucking rad and stoked to do it, thanks a lot you guys! also all the people who downloaded (and even bought) my album. that's fucking banana's man. thanks to anyone for listening to this and thank you for letting me be the thing you use to waste time. cheers.



all rights reserved


Seethruskin Charleston, West Virginia

sad-punk named after a jawbreaker song.

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Track Name: Anarchism, Shmanarchism
I fought off every crooked corridor filled with shadows of their own
It's easy enough to disregard a pain
That you yourself have yet to know
I sweating in these hollow street lights
I'm shaking in my fucking shoes
I've got a verse I've got a chorus
But no way to put them to use

So I'll lay still
Awake in my head
Try to find sleep laying on the ground
Unconscious or maybe dead
I swallow pills
Regurgitate my regrets
It's too fucking hard after you've lost yourself
To convince yourself that they know best

And I find my bed alone
I struggle with every breath I take
It's these fucking cigarettes or these songs
It's a trail too tough to trace
But I'm pretentious in myself
Despite my beloved self deprecation
Oh like misery loves company
I hate to be alone
My fingers bleed on rosewood frets
My heads gets shook my shirt gets wet
I scribble these thoughts awry when she falls asleep
And the passing headlights of a stranger
Shake me into consciousness
I'll lose myself again soon enough just wait and see

So I'll watch my friends
Happier than me
They invite me in their memories
But I'd rather fuckin sleep
They watch me fall
Off my shaking knees
But i don't feel sad, I don't blame them
When they fuckin abandon me
No I don't blame them
I don't blame them
I'm not a sight they wanna see
No I don't blame them
I don't blame them
But their words they help me breathe
Oh their words they help me sleep
Oh their words they help me grieve
And their words are much comfier company
Track Name: My Post Punk Girlfriend
Sink to the bottom of the river
Follow through with promises I made
I swore one day it would take me
I swore I swore I swore that one day

I was gonna be in my right mind
I was gonna get caught on my feet
They weren't gonna catch me by the soles of my shoes
I wasn't gonna let them fucking devour me
I wasn't gonna let it fucking devour me

I saw it coming on a whole fucking week early
My finicky hands scratched the days in the dry wall
I mumbled something to myself about timing
I lied again and I misled them all

I saw my fingers move in real time
On the maple frets of my guitar
I saw the crash from a mile away
It told me I didn't have the heart
I never thought I really had the heart

But you
You gave me the most relieving lobotomy
I couldn't see what I didn't wanna see
I couldn't hear what they had said to me
Didn't have to be what I didn't wanna be
Track Name: Sunday School
I don't think I'll go to heaven when I die
I don't think I'll go to heaven when I die
Because I've spent so many years saying the bible is a lie
That I don't think I'll go to heaven when I die

And I think I just might go to hell when I die
Think I just might go to hell when I die
With the queers, Gahndi, and superman
Together we'll all fry
Cuz I think I just might go to hell when I die

I never heard a word the preacher said
It just seems so temporary and then we're all fuckin dead
But oh I'll probably say a prayer
When laying there on my death bed
Thinkin maybe I should've listened to what he said

I think I'd like to go to heaven when I die
I think I'd like to go to heaven when I die
Cuz I could meet Jello Biafra
That's if he dies before I
And we could play a hardcore punk show in the sky

I think hell sounds shitty, too shitty for me when I die
Cuz I never did anything to commit mass genocide
I never robbed the poor
Let the hungry starve and die
Your congress watches on with a worried eye

So maybe I'll go to heaven when I die
If you can really get in as easy as they describe
But if I see O'Reilly or Darren Wilson
Sean Hannitty inside
I might just stop at the gates to think twice
Track Name: No Gods? No Masters? No Problem!
Stitched into sanity
A poor excuse for a melody
I sit so fucking patiently
That my goddamn feet go numb

And when will I find time to sleep?
When will I finally take a breath
When will I put this cigarette out
When will I quit singing about death

When will I hear the words they say?
When will I get plugged into this?
I'm a soaked electrical socket
Spewing fire and venom into the dark

I am a neutron bomb
I am the destruction of myself
I am my best friend, my worst enemy so bad for my mental health

I am the creeping feeling I get
I am the voice that says I'm fine
I am the best I got
I am the problems in my mind

I am the songs sung for the dead
I am the memories repressed
I'm too far gone for you to save
Sleeping fucking tight in a shallow grave

I swear that I'm ok..
I just need sleep today
I haven't slept in weeks
I haven't slept in weeks
I watch the tv bleed
As my eyes catch fire and my insides leak
Track Name: Introduction (Cover Your Fucking Eyes)
And as my body relives everything I've put it through
I swallow chords like pain killers
They used to work the same anyways
I see the marks of sleep filled nights I desperately search for yet again
But my regrets and my self loathing keep me awake here still
My bones need shaken up
But it'll take a bit more time than I have to spare
I keep my body still, my eyes unmoved
Fixated on thin air
It's where I'm most comfortable
Conformity's never felt so clean
I'm a walking afterthought
Brushed off the shoulders of the good days I've never seen

I stamp these cigarettes into the gutters of summer's eve
Invade my mind with scavenged hands planning a life for me
I think of metaphors but lose my self at the very start
My record player helps me sleep, and it's about the best I've got
So when these words announce themselves
Dressed tight in burning chords
I'll dress myself with dirt and soot
Take my place beneath the floor boards
It's where I'm most comfortable
Conformity's never felt so forced
Setting fires was a game until I felt the heat's remorse

My hearts a souvenir
Replace my eyes with your hands
I'm swelling up
I'm drowning in this body bag
Track Name: Skulls (Misfits Cover)
come on, man. you know Skulls.